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Grind offers a practical guide to starting a new business by skipping past the MBA and going right to the nuts and bolts of building a successful, self-sustaining company.

Filled with down-to-earth anecdotes, common-sense strategies, proven ideas and powerful calls to action, Grind provides the insight and expertise aspiring entrepreneurs need to turn their start-up dreams into positive-cash flow businesses.

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Cash is the absolute lifeblood of your start-up. There is no time to waste when it comes to generating revenue.

- Excerpt from Grind

If you need people to think you’re a big deal, start-up life will be a struggle.

- Excerpt from Grind

The only source of accountability you have is the performance of your business.

- Excerpt from Grind

If you try to be all things to all people, you will end up being nothing to everyone.

- Excerpt from Grind

Your mission is to be the best at delivering your core product. Everything else is ancillary.

- Excerpt from Grind

The customer can smell mediocre, can taste marginal, can sense apathy. If you are only kind of doing your best, it simply won’t work.

- Excerpt from Grind

Your business is more than your relationship with your customers. It is about your relationship with anyone your business touches.

- Excerpt from Grind

Michael J. McFall is the Everyman CEO

Mike doesn’t have a yacht, a podcast or an MBA, and you won’t hear him talking about being disruptive, leveraging assets or changing paradigms. He is, however, the founder of Global Orange Development and the co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE®, a fast-growing $100-million-dollar coffee franchise with 250+ locations across the Midwest.

At a time when there’s a lot of confident-sounding start-up advice from academics or ultra-wealthy tycoons, Mike’s remarkable life journey from minimum-wage barista to business leader has given him a very different outlook.

His perspective on business—shaped spending the last 23 years helping hundreds of people open and operate successful coffee shops—provides a much-needed road map for today’s entrepreneurs so they can turn their ideas into a profitable reality.

If Mike’s business philosophy can be distilled down to its essence, it would be this:
Be brave. Be humble. Be thoughtful. Be aware of others. And be yourself.

What People Are Saying About Grind

Dr. Tasha Eurich
New York Times bestselling author (Bankable Leadership & Insight)
If you have ever wondered what it might be like to open your own business, read this book. Even if you have no interest in starting a business, the insights in this book are valuable for life in general.
Lilly Epstein Stotland
President, Vesco Oil Corporation
This book contains the secret recipe for success for entrepreneurs. No one shares their unique energy and enthusiasm like Mike McFall does in ‘Grind.’ An exciting, energizing read for any entrepreneur and entrepreneurs-to-be.
Jeff DeGraff, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
I enjoyed the simplicity of the message. There is no need to make it complicated. Read this book. Stick to the fundamentals and grow your start up.
Sean Zecman
President, National Food Group/Zee Zees
This book dives into the soul of the entrepreneur. I especially love the sub-title in the last section, ’Crazy, Demented, Kooky, Insane, Nuts, Psycho, Unhinged, Maniacal, Dippy, Deranged………Yep.
Michael Soenen
Partner, Valor Equity Partners
If more entrepreneurs considered this message it would be great for my business, as I would have more late stage companies to invest in.
Michael Williams
Director of Entrepreneurship Activity & Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic, University of Wisconsin, Madison
This is a must read for every new start up. Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to sell and discern good advice from bad. Mike does a great job breaking all of this down through real life examples, many of which I witnessed. Grind will be required reading in my classes.
David Head
Managing Director, Alix Partners
This book is a perfect reflection of its author – both are ruthlessly focused on the personal sacrifice, dedication and impossibly positive attitude needed to succeed when starting a business.
Rob Wark
CEO, SAS Global Corporation
I walked into my business the next day full of piss and vinegar. This book reminded me once again what is important in business. I think anyone managing a business should take the time to give it a read.
Lee Skandalaris
CEO, Quantum Digital Group, LLC
Entrepreneurial wisdom streams from the pages and reads like a one-on-one conversation with a friend who is sharing the keys to entrepreneurial success. The conversation every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of having!
John James
President, Renaissance Global Logistics & Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate 2018, Michigan
Focus and energy; that is what I feel when I read this book. I think the author would say that is what it takes for a successful startup. I got it and I love it.
Sam Beznos
CEO, Beztak Companies
Written with the energy you would expect from an entrepreneur. Fast paced, fun and direct.

Stop Guessing. Start Grinding.

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