Mike McFall Appeared on ‘Clicks 2 Bricks’ Podcast

Mike McFall appeared as a guest on Clicks 2 Bricks podcast hosted by Rob Reed on an episode entitled, “Mike McFall, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE.” During the 43-minute episode, Mike shares his 25-year journey with BIGGBY COFFEE, BIGGBY’s purpose-driven approach, and what he believes sets BIGGBY apart from all other franchises within the industry: “Our Nielsen rating is stronger in Michigan than Starbucks, and that’s a fact most people are surprised by. Our brand recognition here has been very, very powerful.” Mike continues, speaking about the future of BIGGBY coffee with over 100 stores under development and their bolt-on drive-thru technology taking off in the past year. Mike also spoke about his book, Grind, and shared its purpose to “set the right expectation of what it’s going to be like to open a business.” The episode closes with Mike emphasizing the power of purpose and his passion for the customer experience at BIGGBY COFFEE.

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