Franchise Marketing Radio: Michael McFall with BIGGBY COFFEE

Michael McFall doesn’t have a yacht, a podcast or an MBA, and you won’t hear him talking about being disruptive, leveraging assets or changing paradigms. He is, however, the founder of Global Orange Development, the co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE®, a fast-growing $100-million-dollar coffee franchise with 250+ locations across the Midwest and quickly expanding into the East Coast in 2020, and is author to the Inc. Original, Grind.

Mike’s story in the business world began during the Spring of 1997 when he and BIGGGBY founder Robert Fish went on their ‘infamous’ walk to discuss Mike’s role within the company which at the time had one location in East Lansing, Michigan. Two hours later, they were no longer talking about Mike managing a second store, but were agreeing on terms for creating a franchise and growing the brand. A handshake sealed the deal, and suddenly, they were partners of what is now the third-largest coffee franchise in the United States.

Having originally started with BIGGBY in 1996 as a minimum wage barista, Mike has since held every subsequent position within the company, including his current title as co-CEO (May 2016). Mike believes his time in each of his previous roles has allowed him to form a bond with his employees based on understanding, credibility, and respect. Two decades later, Mike shares his personal experiences having led Biggby through survival mode, stability, and aggressive growth.

One of many turning moments for Mike as a leader was the realization that just because BIGGBY was making money, didn’t mean they were doing a great job. From employees leaving without any notice to those who had no passion in what they were doing, Mike and his co-CEO came to the conclusion that something needed to change. After that pivotal moment, Mike was committed to making positive improvements, including creating a workplace culture based on love.

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