Talking Business Startup on the Finding Your Venture Podcast

Grind author Michael McFall was recently featured on the Finding Your Venture podcast—part of a course he’s co-teaching at the University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Click below to listen to all 13 episodes, hosted by CFE chair Brian Hayden. Mike can be heard on the first two episodes, while the remaining 11 feature other accomplished entrepreneurs and business thought leaders.

1. Start With Why – Mike McFall

2. Remember Business Fundamentals – Mike McFall

3. Find a Good Customer – Bob Caspe

4. Know Your Customer – Brooke Boyle

5. Pick Your Business Model With Intention – Hien Lam

6. Design a Product Your Customer Wants – Matt MacQueen

7. Use Math to Make Your Marketing Decisions – Rishi Narayan

8. Have Fun Selling – Ted Dacko

Evaluate Opportunities Against a High Standard – Brian Kelly

10. Do The Most Important Things First – Jeff Mason

11. Think Bigger Than Yourself – Maggie Bayless

12. Get the Legal Basics Right – Joe Morrison

13. Be a Creative Fundraiser – Fares Ksebati