Michael McFall Launches “GRIND Score,” a Self-Assessment & Leadership Coaching Resource for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Designed For Anyone Considering Starting a Business, the GRIND Score Challenges and Empowers Entrepreneurs to Do Due Diligence on Themselves

EAST LANSING, Mich.Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Michael McFall, co-CEO and co-founder of BIGGBY COFFEE and An Inc. Original author of Grinda practical guide for starting a new business, today announces GRIND Score, an assessment and evaluation tool to help entrepreneurs do due diligence on themselves.

Nearly one million people start a small business annually, but 20 percent of those companies fail in the first year, and almost 65 percent close within a decade. While more tangible metrics, like capital structure, real estate data, SWOT analysis, and other critical data points, factor into their failure, the entrepreneur remains the most important ingredient to a new business and the most frequent impediment to success.

The GRIND Score, a 24-question assessment informed by McFall’s 26 years of entrepreneurialism and leadership coaching, challenges would-be entrepreneurs to look in the mirror to evaluate their readiness to launch a new business. After completing the quiz, participants receive a “GRIND Score” that reflects their overall preparedness to navigate the most pressing challenges of entrepreneurialism.

In addition, participants can receive a comprehensive analysis of their results, including actionable takeaways, introspective prompts, video resources, and personal insights from McFall’s own startup experience.

“The GRIND Score reflects the lessons I’ve learned first hand while launching and expanding BIGGBY COFFEE and supporting other people as they launch new companies,” explains Michael McFall. “Entrepreneurialism is enticing, but it’s not for everyone. I believe GRIND Score will help people perform the hard work of introspection, ultimately overcoming obstacles and challenges to a successful launch,” he adds.

The GRIND Score helps entrepreneurs do due diligence on themselves by prompting healthy conversations on often-ignored subjects. This process empowers entrepreneurs to overcome the most common pitfalls to successful startups. Participants can expect to evaluate several essential facets of effective founders, including:

  • Growing in self-awareness
  • Making friends with the boogieman
  • Being humble, curious, and ready to learn
  • Modeling dependability and dedication
  • Tapping into the secret of focus

The GRIND Score assessment, analysis, and support resources are available today. Visit https://grindscore.grindthebook.com/  to take the quiz today.

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