Mike McFall was featured on ‘Keys to the Shop’ Podcast

Mike McFall appeared as a guest on Keys to the Shop podcast hosted by Chris Deferio on an episode entitled, “Founder Friday w/ Mike McFall, Co-Founder of BIGGBY COFFEE.” During the 56-minute episode, Mike shares his 25-year journey with BIGGBY, BIGGBY’s mission and vision, his leadership style, and the importance of self-awareness for success. Mike speaks on how important transitioning from “maniacal relationships with employees” to cultivating a culture of love in the workplace has been for BIGGBY: “We are advocates of the concept that organizations need to be deliberately developmental. When somebody enters your world, you as a leader or organization have the responsibility to support them, nurture them, take care of them, and provide them what they need to build an environment where they are continuously learning and growing.” Mike references his Inc. Original book, Grind, when speaking on the importance of having self-awareness to be an impactful leader and to have a successful business. The episode closes with Mike sharing where listeners can connect with him on social media. Direct links to BIGGBY’s and Grind’s websites are also included on the Podcast website.

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