Mike McFall was featured on the “Self-Employed Life” Podcast- How to Grind and Go from Barista to CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE

Feature Summary: Mike McFall was featured as a guest on The Self-Employed Life podcast with Jeffrey Shaw in an episode entitled, “How to Grind and Go from Barista to CEO of Biggby Coffee.” This 45-minute episode features Mike McFall and what he’s learned through his experience of working up from a minimum-wage barista, to becoming co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE. During this episode, host Jeffrey talks to Mike about his Inc. original book, Grind, and Mike shares that he is currently working on his second book. Mike provides insight into his overarching goal for both books, noting that you are critical to your company’s success. He shares, “The theory that I’m working under in both books is that you as the leader, you as the manager of the business, you have to meet your company, your organization, where your company needs you to meet it. Not vice versa.” The episode continues, and Jeffrey and Mike discuss how Mike has been able to manage and keep BIGGBY’s franchise model working after all these years. Mike shares that BIGGBY’s success comes from constantly wanting to improve: “Products don’t usually sell themselves. You need to be willing to sell your product for as long as it takes. You’ve got to be obsessed with generating revenue.” The conversation goes on, with Mike sharing some of the other business fundamentals he emphasizes in his book. Mike expresses the importance of obsessing over your customer, and how wanting to help them and see them happy will make everything fall into place for your business: “When that customer walks in that door you do whatever you can to make sure they walk out of the door in a better mood, period.” Mike also mentions how crucial it is to not be afraid to ask for help, sharing that it is “one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.” This podcast episode closes with Mike highlighting Grind and sharing the book’s website, Grindthebook.com, with the audience. Mike also plugs his social media, and mentions the upcoming launch of “The Grind Score,” which will feature 24 questions to help the reader determine whether they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The podcast website also includes direct links to Mike’s social media, as well as the websites for BIGGBY and Grind.   

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