Mike McFall was featured on the ‘$tay Paid’ Podcast

Mike McFall appeared as a guest on Stay Paid podcast hosted by Luke Acree and Josh Stike on an episode entitled, “How to Scale Your Business by Treating Sales like an Operation, with Mike McFall.” During the 43-minute episode, Mike speaks about the importance of doing one thing right and focusing on perfecting one aspect before moving onto the next. During the podcast, Mike also highlights how repeating your message many times will help it stick, and how staying patient and sticking to the course will help the message resonate. McFall stated, “If you’re constantly changing your messages your constantly changing what you’re saying to people and they don’t get it.” Mike continues, mentioning how a lack of self-awareness is an obstacle to be conscious of as a leader, and how learning to be quiet to allow conversations to begin is crucial. Mike asserts that in order to build your business, you should treat sales as a mechanism. Once this process is perfected, you can devote yourself to the process. McFall references the CEO disease, mentioning that, “The biggest issue I think in leadership is peoples lack of awareness and the CEO disease is you’ve got a bunch of people that tell you you’re great every single day and it is the rare person in an organization to want to stand up to the CEO and say dude you’re off the park here.”