Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose Make Impossible Decisions Possible – Delcie Bean

I used to think Mission Statements were just a nice idea.

That was before I ever faced an existential crisis as a leader. In the moments when I had to lay off my friends, or got sued, or watched revenue fall off a cliff I had zero good options, no idea what was going to happen, and yet I had to make a decision and take action. In those darkest of moments the only thing that helped was remembering why we even started the company in the first place. What do we value?

In those moments where everything looks terrible you want to have a mission statement that actually means something. That you actually believe with all of your heart. Because if it’s just empty words, then in that toughest of moments, you really have nothing. And you’ll lose heart and give up.

So now you’re going to hear a crazy story of this actually happening.

This story is brought to you from Delcie Bean. Delcie is the founder and CEO of Paragus IT. He’s going to introduce himself and the dive right into the story. Then we’ll circle back and define terms and walk through how to do this for your company.