The Greatest Barista in the History of the World

I am the greatest barista in the history of the world. Yes, this is something of a moniker I have bandied around from time to time for its shock value. When I say it, most everyone in my organization rolls their eyes and shrugs their shoulders as they walk away. So, what is my point? …more

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A Journey to Conscious Capitalism | BIGGBY COFFEE Co-CEO TEDxDetroit Talk

My 2019 TEDxDetroit Talk on how conscious capitalism led me and my BIGGBY COFFEE partner, Bob Fish, to our company’s current vision and purpose. Grind readers will get a ton of insight from this talk!

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Talking Business Startup on the Finding Your Venture Podcast

Grind author Michael McFall was recently featured on the Finding Your Venture podcast—part of a course he’s co-teaching at the University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Click below to listen to all 13 episodes, hosted by CFE chair Brian Hayden. Mike can be heard on the first two episodes, while the remaining 11 feature other …more

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Valuable Advice on Venture Capital Funding

This fall, I had the honor to become involved with the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) at the University of Michigan. CFE, to my surprise, is not housed within the Ross School of Business as you would think—rather, it lives within the College of Engineering. Why is that? Well, CFE’s tagline, which has always rung true …more

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