Being Different is Your Advantage – Kim Gamez

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?

It sucks. The list of things that can make you feel like an outsider goes on forever. Race, gender, sexual orientation. Your age. Every startup founder I know has felt like a misfit at some point and here’s why that’s not a coincidence :

The world as we know it was built by ‘normal’ people – so normal people don’t see anything wrong with it. Being ‘weird’ or different gives you an advantage in locating problems and imagining a future that is different but better.

The story you’re going to hear is from Kim Gamez – founder and CEO of Mi Padrino.

She’s a mother of five from the midwest who dropped out of beauty school to become an entrepreneur. She raised venture capital to launch a party planning app used by more than more than a million users in the Hispanic events market.

She’s funny and confident and determined to win. I hope you hear something you can relate to in her story.

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