Pick Your Business Model With Intention – Hien Lam

Problems have more than one solution

When you’re starting your company you’re going to be excited. You’re going to have a vision for what the company will do and what will make it special. You’ll start pitching the idea and becoming more and more invested in that vision. Startup mythology will encourage you to believe even when others don’t.

Before you commit to the business with all of your heart and soul, it’s a good idea to hit pause. Take a step back and look at the problem you’re going to solve, and brainstorm all of the ways you could solve that problem. You have nothing to lose. But I’ve never encountered a problem that had only one solution and frequently the first one that jumped into your mind isn’t the best one.

Consider a variety of business models, test them, and be intentional about the one you pick.

I asked Hien Lam to share a story about how they picked the business model for Huck Finch

Hien is Co-Founder of Huck Finch, a digital branding agency. He hosts the “Life on Brand” podcast, and he’s one of those people with a million ideas for new companies and new products.

I asked Hien to talk about the problem they are solving and how they picked their business model over all the others they could have pursued.