Raising Money Isn’t the Point – Alisyn Malek

Nothing makes me feel worse about myself than reading about somebody else’s giant fundraising success.

Since revenue numbers for private companies aren’t public information, fundraising PR is the best way to pick at that scab of self doubt sitting in my subconscious. And I know it’s not the thing that matters. I know this. But I forget sometimes and need to be reminded.

That’s where Alisyn Malek steps in to save me.

Alisyn graduated from the University of Michigan College of Engineering. She worked at GM for almost eight years before starting a company called May Mobility. May Mobility has taken a different approach to deploying autonomous vehicles – one that is actually working – and this year they are the third fastest growing company in Detroit. Alisyn is so cool. And I’m excited for you to hear her story.

Song Credit: Grammatik

Photo Credit: TechCrunch