Think Bigger Than Yourself – Maggie Bayless

Of course you’re not qualified to start your company!

You don’t have experience in the industry. You’re not a coder. You’re not a business person. You don’t have the money. These things might be true, and they can limit the speed or way in which you start a company, but they are challenges you can overcome if you really want to. The whole point of starting a company is to build something that grows beyond the capabilities of the founder. That’s why organizations can do more together than one person can alone.

As a founder you are just one piece of the puzzle. Your job is to find all of the other pieces and put them together in a way that gets the job done. Other pieces might include co-founders, employees, free software, contractors, investors – there are hundreds of ways to build your company.

In this episode you’ll how Maggie Bayless overcame imposter syndrome to help build a company that employees and customers love.

Maggie Bayless is the founder and Managing Partner at ZingTrain, one of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. Zingerman’s has won tons of awards for being a great small business Maggie has been there from the very start. She is a thoughtful and humble leader that has built an incredible legacy of innovation and impact.