You Probably Haven’t Pitched Enough People – Jen Baird

There are 7.8 billion people in the world and you just need a handful of them to care about your startup.

So it makes sense that most people you reach out to are going to ignore you. But for a lot of us that rejection feels bad. And that’s why the #1 most common issue I see among rising (and experienced) entrepreneurs is that they haven’t pitched enough people to draw any conclusions about what’s happening. Yesterday I talked to somebody who sent three emails and was stuck because nobody replied. That’s an example of getting discouraged too quickly.

You’re going to hear a story from Jen Baird that will recalibrate your expectations about how many people you need to pitch.

Jen is a 5x founder. Her best known win was with Accuri Cytometers, which was sold for $205M in 2011. Today she’s the CEO at FifthEye. You’re going to hear her talk about why you have to pitch lots of people before you can start drawing any conclusions about the opportunity.

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