You’re Not Just a Student – Lisa Sauve

Sometimes we’re the last ones to see and appreciate our own growth and potential.

This is true for a lot of students who are becoming adults. Transitioning into the professional world is strange when you’ve been a kid your whole life. But the work you’ve put into school and jobs and learning about life hasn’t been for nothing. You know more than you give yourself credit for and if you choose to start a business there are people who will pay you for your talent.

In our class we force everyone to do customer discovery and a lot of people ask “why would anyone talk to me about this stuff when I’m just a student?” And my answer is “You’re not just a student.” You’re a smart curious person who’s interested in making something better. You understand technology in ways that don’t come as naturally to older generations. And sure, a lot of people will be too busy to engage with you, but for some people you might be exactly what they’re looking for.

Lisa Sauve is Founder and CEO at Synecdoche Design Studio.

In this episode you’ll hear Lisa describe the transition from architecture student to startup founder. We hope that hearing her story will help you feel more confident approaching customers for your new venture.

Music Credit: Grammatik