TV20 Interview with Michael McFall

Anne Marie LaFlamme of TV20 interviews BIGGBY COFFEE Co-CEO and Grind Author Michael McFall in advance of the business book’s release.

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Know Your Customer – Brooke Boyle

“What do you think about my startup idea?” That’s a tough question to answer because it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks except your customer. If they like it enough to buy from you at a price where you can make money, then it’s a great idea. If they aren’t, then it’s not. The academic term …more

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Find a Good Customer – Bob Caspe

It’s harder to find a good customer than it is to build a good product Do you agree that this statement is true? I hope by the end of this episode that you’ll feel liberated and empowered by this mental model. As you’re going to hear in this episode, I believe cost of customer acquisition …more

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BIGGBY’s Michael McFall’s Book Details Entrepreneurial ‘Grind’

Dennis Burck Michael McFall describes himself as an everyman CEO. He doesn’t have an MBA or a yacht. Mastering things like paradigm shifts or leveraging assets are not in his general wheelhouse of small business necessities. “I’m just a normal dude from Milford, Michigan,” he said. “There is no magic. It’s all the fundamentals and …more

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