Remember Business Fundamentals – Mike McFall

Selling to companies is different than selling to consumers Consumers (you and me) have very complex and sometimes irrational buying behavior, but companies are motivated by just two things: 1) Increase revenue, and 2) Cut costs The fact that they have these straightforward goals makes it easier to understand how they make decisions. Unlike consumers, …more

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Start With Why – Mike McFall

You can start a company. You’re plenty smart and there are enough opportunities out there. The more pressing question is whether you want to do it. Everybody likes the idea of doing a startup, but it’s a lot of hard work. 90% of startups fail, the outcomes are highly variable, it can take longer than you expect, plus …more

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My First “Grind” Reader Call

People who have read Grind may have noticed that I put my personal cell number in the book. Well this morning, less than two weeks after launch, the first reader called me! The conversation we had was invigorating and inspiring—a milestone moment that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

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My 20 Questions for Forming a Business Partnership

While being in a business partnership can be highly rewarding, no amount of success can be had unless all parties involved are transparent and on the same page before starting. I have been co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE® with my partner, Bob Fish, for more than twenty years, and he is one of the most important …more

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